Borrowing Policies:
Loan Period:
New DVDs have a 1 week loan period.

Magazines, DVDs, Music CDs, Children's Holiday Books, and New Adult Books have a 2 week loan period.

All other material has a 4 week loan period.
All Elmwood Park items may be renewed up to twice, unless another patron is currently waiting for the item.
If you are trying to renew an item online that should have renewals left but currently shows zero renewals, this may be because another patron is currently waiting for the item.
Overdue Fines:
A patron will accrue late fines if they do not return items belonging to the Elmwood Park Library by its due date. An overdue fine of $0.10 an item will be issued for each day an item is late, up to a maximum of $5.00 per item.

Lost Items:
An item that has been overdue for 60 days is declared lost and a bill is sent to the patron for the price of the item.
Elmwood Park Library accepts replacement copies of lost Elmwood Park items in lieu of payment. The replacement item must be unused and must have the same ISBN/UPC as the item it is replacing.
A lost Elmwood Park item may still be returned to the Elmwood Park Library, doing so will replace the charge for the price of the item with the item's overdue fine. This is only true for lost Elmwood Park items. If a patron borrows a book from another BCCLS Library and it has been marked lost, then the Elmwood Park Library must reimburse the other Library for the cost of the lost item. Once the Elmwood Park Library has paid for the item we can no longer accept the item's return and the patron must pay Elmwood Park Library the cost of the item.
No eating or drinking shall be permitted in the Library.

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13 Jun 2024
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13 Jun 2024
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14 Jun 2024
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15 Jun 2024
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15 Jun 2024
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Backyard Composing

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